The INSPIRE network is excited to announce two funding opportunities for investigators in pediatric simulation-based research.

The International Network for Simulation-based Pediatric Innovation, Research and Education was established in 2011 from a group of simulation-based pediatric researchers from a variety of disciplines looking to improve collaboration, mentorship, and productivity. Our mission is to improve the delivery of medical care to acutely ill children and ultimately improve survival from acute illness in the pediatric population.

INSPIRE is united in its desire to improve performance and reduce errors in patient care via rigorous pediatric simulation-based research using all types of simulation tools (computer screen-based simulators, task trainers, human patient simulators, virtual reality, hybrid devices, and standardized patients). To further these goals, INSPIRE is proud to announce our first research funding program with two awards.

  1. The INSPIRE Novice Researcher Award – 1 to 2 one-year awards with a total budget of $10,000 per year. These projects must be simulation-based and should fall within one of INSPIRE’s core themes (technology, human factors, acute care/resuscitation, patient safety, debriefing, IPE/teamwork/communication, procedural and psychomotor skills). Award proposals will be due July 14, 2018.
  2. The INSPIRE Clinical Outcomes Strategically Focused Award – One project of 2-3 years duration with a maximum budget of $180,000.  These projects must be simulation-based and include clinical outcome measures. Letter of Intent will be due March 30, 2018