Research Committee

As INSPIRE increases membership and sites, we receive more research proposals and collaborative interest.  To continue our objective to provide ongoing feedback and collaboration, we recruit interested and expert simulationists to address our proposals and help provide ongoing feedback throughout the life of the study.  If you are interested, please contact us at .

Research Committee Members 2015 – 2016

Jon Duff, MD (Stollery Children’s Hospital – Edmonton, AB)
Nancy Tofil, MD (Children’s Hospital Alabama – Birmingham, AL)
CHAIR: David O Kessler, MD MSc (Columbia University – New York, NY)
Aaron Calhoun, MD (Kosair Children’s / U of Louisville, KY)
Akira Nishisaki (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, PA)
Frank Overly, MD (Hasbro Children’s / Brown University – Providence, RI)
Linda Brown, MD (Hasbro Children’s / Brown University – Providence, RI)
Mark Adler, MD (Lurie Children’s / Northwestern University – Chicago, IL)


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