INSPIRE @ IMSH2021 ALERT Presentation Submissions – Deadline to submit: 22 October, 2020

What is an ALERT presentation?

An ALERT (Advanced Look Exploratory Research Template) presentation is a 5 minute presentation that encapsulates either your new simulation-based research idea (as a new ALERT), or your progress in implementing an INSPIRE-based research project (as a progress report).  The idea is to present the distilled essence of your study at an INSPIRE Meeting. The ALERT’s are presented in this format back-to-back. Once the presentation is delivered you will be assigned a small table where you will discuss your project with up to 10 participants, receive feedback, and in turn have the opportunity to give feedback to others.  Our ultimate goal is to give your team the feedback and networking you need to launch a successful single or multi-site study.

When should I submit an ALERT presentation?

Calls for ALERT presentations are offered in the fall (for the winter INSPIRE meeting at the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare [IMSH]) and in the winter (for the spring INSPIRE meeting at International Pediatric Simulation Symposia and Workshop [IPSSW]).  If your ALERT is accepted, we will invite you to personally present your work, and will designate a block of time for discussion and networking. Please note that if you accept our invitation to present but later discover that you cannot attend the INSPIRE meeting, a representative may present on your behalf.  If this occurs, please notify the INSPIRE Scientific Review Committee of the change.  Feedback will be provided regardless of whether you can ultimately attend.

What format should I use for an ALERT presentation?

Please note that the ALERT slide template has been changed somewhat from past years.  In an effort to be more inclusive of qualitative and mixed methods studies, the ALERT template has been modified to include BOTH the PICO framework for quantitative studies and the SPIDER framework, which is a modification of the PICO framework designed for qualitative research.  The SPIDER framework is described in a paper here. When preparing your ALERT, simply pick the framework that best fits your study. Examples of completed ALERT presentations using the PICO and SPIDER frameworks are included below. In order to provide a better understanding of the ALERT process we have also created an ALERT Instruction Template to assist you in preparing to submit and to present should your ALERT be accepted.

Please download and use the following 2020 ALERT Templates:

For more detailed information regarding the INSPIRE network, engagement with an existing project, and the overall scientific review process, please view this resource.

Once complete, please submit your ALERT online by 22 October, 2020.  You should receive a response within 4 weeks of submission.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the INSPIRE Scientific Review Committee at the same address.